GLASS surveillance module

PFP – Surveillance Module

The PFP-Surveillance module provides the ability to directly record surveillance data from field walk-downs into a portable device. The graphical interface guides the user through an optimized navigational route, allowing for documentation of the surveillance as it is completed.

Key benefits of the PFP-Surveillance module include:

  • Quickly identifies which inspections are due weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Provides an inspection route based on relative location of the most recently completed inspection.
  • Data entry via a portable device allows for timely documentation updates, (i.e. PASS/FAIL, add a comment).
  • Customized reports generated and retained for documentation control.
  • Assurance that required surveillance inspections are complete and up-to-date.
PFP surveillance module
A typical surveillance module is built with multiple navigation view screens with the inspection information available at the detailed room view level. In this example, as each surveillance task is completed within each of the two zones, the location updates to a GREEN or complete status. In-progress or incomplete surveillance locations remain flagged (e.g. BLUE) until the task has been completed.

A PFP-Surveillance module can be created for any task.  Some examples include:

  • Fire Extinguisher Surveillance
  • Fire Door Access/Egress Inspection
  • Site-Security Patrol Inspection
  • Equipment Calibration schedule
  • Lockout/ Tag-Out Tracking Module
  • PPE Cabinet Inspection
  • First Aid Inspection
  • Spill Kit Inspection

Surveillance tasks of similar inspection type can be performed concurrently, thereby optimizing surveillance activity scheduling.

PFP extinguisher list
A sample Fire Extinguisher Surveillance Module tracks the progress of an inspection. Here, completed surveillances have been auto-updated to GREEN while others remain highlighted BLUE until they have been inspected.


PFP fire extinguisher details
When a surveillance task is selected, a pop-up window form is opened that displays the item-specific data. The user can update records as necessary directly on the form, including pass/fail status. When complete, the item record is updated and retained. Form layout and content is fully customizable to meet Customer preferences. Data can be exported to a recognizable report format, or a new format can be created.
Pre-fire plans

Pre-fire plans

Visualisation of fire protection features and interactive incident command.

PFP brochure

Pre-fire plans brochure

Download the brochure to find out more about GLASS pre-fire plans.


Customizable PFP

Graphical symbols and layouts can be customized to fit user preferences.

PFP - nuclear facility

PFP – nuclear facilities

GLASS provides a controlled location for maintaining facility data.

PFP - municipal/industry

PFP – municipal/industry

Municipal departments encounter diverse variables in the event of a fire.