PFP nuclear facilities

PFP – nuclear facilities

Nuclear facilities follow applicable regulations and guidelines related to fire protection and emergency planning. GLASS provides a controlled location for maintaining facility data to assist ongoing program maintenance and updates.

A base PFP application includes static pre-fire plan drawings. Once PFP is built inside GLASS, additional interactive features can be added to the base application which is customizable to the facility’s needs. Below are some additional features that have been created to help nuclear facilities understand complex logic relationships.

Additional features

Combustible loading: This module can monitor loading values of all transient combustibles in a room. Having the information available to the fire brigade will aid in understanding the fire’s potential.

Chemical inventory: An effective tool of assisting fire mitigation is to understand what chemical risks exist in an area so the fire brigade can respond to the fire more effectively. PFP can display information from chemical storage cabinets including assumed volumes and room limits. A hyperlink to important MSDS information provides an incident commander with key information that can be relayed to the fire brigade members regarding the risks.

Fire system impairments: Pre-fire plan interactive technology can be used to track equipment out of service and safety system availability or unavailability. Graphical logic updates instantly to reflect any new scenario information that is applied.  When a primary detection system is out of service for test and maintenance, detectors can be graphically shown as ‘deactivated’. When a primary access pathway is challenged due to an obstruction, the pathway logic will update and provide an alternate recommended room access point.

Surveillance module: A surveillance module provides a site with a mechanism for tracking capabilities in the field using a portable device.  Facilities with hundreds of inspections all due on a monthly surveillance can encounter challenges when 25% of the inspections are due each week across multiple buildings, elevations, rooms.  This application aids in navigation to the surveillance location, documentation of the inspection, and then can provide the User with the next applicable surveillance in the area.

Pre-fire plans

Pre-fire plans

Visualisation of fire protection features and interactive incident command.

PFP brochure

Pre-fire plans brochure

Download the brochure to find out more about GLASS pre-fire plans.


Customizable PFP

Graphical symbols and layouts can be customized to fit user preferences.

PFP - municipal/industry

PFP – municipal/industry

Municipal departments encounter diverse variables in the event of a fire.

GLASS surveillance module

PFP – surveillance module

Directly record surveillance data from field walk-downs into a portable device.