GLASS PFP - industry

PFP – municipal and industry


Municipal departments encounter diverse variables when responding to a fire. Considerations include:

  • Understanding best possible (and alternate) navigational routes.
  • Understanding emergency response personnel that are needed to assist.
  • Understanding of building layouts.
  • Understanding of water supply access points, building hookups, and cut-offs.
  • Understanding of fire attack strategies.

Unfamiliar buildings

PFP customization can document building layouts in relation to specific hookups and cut-offs to aid in better communications such as where to park a fire engine while at the scene.  The application can store pictures of buildings to assist external and internal first responders as they respond to an emergency

GLASS PFP municipal
Additional Support Personnel and Equipment: PFP can be used to graphically depict the staging locations for additional support personnel and equipment. The customized symbols provide the facility with familiar symbology that is easily understood.


Once built, PFP Users have a unique designed tool to aid in navigation throughout the city, seeing actual street-view type photos of specific buildings, understanding where buildings are in relation to water mains and hydrants.  Proper training of personnel may result in refinements to how the application is designed; GLASS application changes may be necessary to refine gaps identified during a training drill.  Changes follow strict configuration control requirements necessary to support a facility’s data management system.

Pre-fire plans

Pre-fire plans

Visualisation of fire protection features and interactive incident command.

PFP brochure

Pre-fire plans brochure

Download the brochure to find out more about GLASS pre-fire plans.


Customizable PFP

Graphical symbols and layouts can be customized to fit user preferences.

PFP - nuclear facility

PFP – nuclear facilities

GLASS provides a controlled location for maintaining facility data.

GLASS surveillance module

PFP – surveillance module

Directly record surveillance data from field walk-downs into a portable device.