Pre-fire plans

Pre-fire plans

PFP uses

Maintenance and update: PFP updates are supported by the configuration control module. Graphical logic is prepared, reviewed and approved prior to implementation into a facility’s pre-fire plan program.

Training: With optional features such as the Interactive Incident Command interface, PFP can be used to train on fire attack strategies in a classroom setting.  With the combination of Incident Command and Event Logging, GLASS supports development and execution of emergency drills, with event logs saved for post-drill critique.

Incident response: Visualization of fire protection features, and interactive incident command interfaces/checklists make pre-planned fire attack strategies easily accessible.  Retained event logs can be used for post-incident critique.

PFP advantages

Fully customizable graphics: A standard set of symbols is available, but all can be designed to customer specifications.

Incident command: Integrated logic supports incident command decisions even for scenarios not previously considered.

Quick and intuitive access to information: PFP information is accessed through a graphical hyperlink interface.  Touch screen technology is supported so that GLASS can be deployed on a portable PC/tablet or a large incident command center display.

Configuration control: All changes are regulated by the configuration control module, which assures only authorized users make changes, and all changes are automatically logged.

Portability: Although GLASS can be installed in a network environment, it does not rely on outside data connections, so it can also be deployed on portable devices with local data storage.

Pre-fire plan drawings recreated in GLASS depict facility specific symbols or may incorporate industry standard symbols. Simple point-n-click or check-box tracking tools facilitate training and understanding to all facility personnel.

PFP brochure

Pre-fire plans brochure

Download the brochure to find out more about GLASS pre-fire plans.


Customizable PFP

Graphical symbols and layouts can be customized to fit user preferences.

PFP - nuclear facility

PFP – nuclear facilities

GLASS provides a controlled location for maintaining facility data.

PFP - municipal/industry

PFP – municipal/industry

Municipal departments encounter diverse variables in the event of a fire.

GLASS surveillance module

PFP – surveillance module

Directly record surveillance data from field walk-downs into a portable device.