Customizable FRS

Customizable FRS

Standard features

Graphical representation: Graphical symbols and layouts can be customized to meet user preferences.

Scenario generation menu: A scenario generation menu is provided to select the scenario(s) to be viewed. Included is the ability to overlay the effects of multiple scenarios (fires in multiple areas, fire and flood, etc.).

Forced failure and failure override: Additional flexibility is provided to show the effects of additional equipment failures in conjunction with selected scenarios. A failure override is provided for each piece of equipment to account for implementation of procedural or physical recovery actions.

Drill-down menu structure: Additional information for equipment and systems is easily accessible. Navigation between information layers is performed through interactive graphical hyperlinks.

Print ready: Facility response screens are designed to be printed in a document ready format with all appropriate revision history.

Configuration control module: User access privileges are controlled, along with formal revision control (prepare/review/approve) of controlled data.

Optional features

Event log:  The event log provides permanent documentation of training, drills, and actual events.

Equipment and system additional information:  Direct hyperlinking is provided to additional information, including:

  • Tech Specs
  • Design Information/Functions
  • Initiation Logic
  • Interlocks
  • Detailed photographs
  • Procedure information

Emergency classification: Interactive Emergency Action Levels (EALs) assist determination of emergency classification levels.

Radiological dispersion: Radiological dispersion data is graphically displayed for both inside plant rooms and externally for offsite dose release which may be provided to various agency support teams (NRC, EPA, FEMA, etc.).

Program maintenance: Configuration control and customized reporting is available for programs such as Safe Shutdown, Fire PRA, NFPA 805, Seismic, Flooding, and FLEX.


Customizable FRS
FRS depicts safety system flow diagrams including pumps, valves, indicators, power supply dependencies, and also sub-system dependencies. Graphical logic confirms system availability given a set of known failures, such as the loss of an equipment room due to a fire scenario. Potential mitigation strategies can be seen and confirmed via the interactive graphical logic.
PFP - nuclear facility

Facility response

Depicts system and equipment status in user-familiar formats.

FRS brochure

FRS brochure

Download the Facility Response Simulation (FRS) brochure.

GLASS commercial nuclear

FRS – commercial nuclear

Planning, engineering, rad protection, operations and security.



Provides real-time evaluation into potential radiation exposures.



Mitigation strategies for beyond-design-basis external events.


Emergency Action Levels (EAL)

Defines a threshold to place the plant in an emergency classification level.

Safe Shutdown

Safe Shutdown

Develop and document safe shutdown fire area strategies.